There are three ways we can work together.

What fits your needs?

1. Book a Talk or Retreat


  • An educator who’s convinced that the administration doesn’t get it, and you’d like to bring in someone who does. 
  • Serving on the faculty development committee but you are out of ideas. 
  • A provost or principal looking for inspiration and practical wisdom for your beleaguered faculty.
You need a quick injection of practical help and new vision.

2. Coaching


  • Are burned out and need some encouragement
    and hope.
  • Love teaching… but it’s all you do. (What’s a weekend?) 
  • Brand new to this gig and are looking for an experienced mentor.
You need a coach to give you tools and (re)inspire you.

3. Consulting


  • Trying to prevent faculty burnout.
  • Part of a faculty group that’s ready to be challenged to grow as teachers.
  • Looking for new approaches to organizing faculty commitments.
You need expert training in faculty development.
Christina Bieber Lake offers a unique and valuable voice in faculty development. I personally feel gratitude that by reading her new book or working with her in her coaching practice, anyone can benefit from her wisdom and practical advice. What a gift to our scholarly and teaching professions!
Heather Whitney
Associate Professor of Physics