Educators take your mark…get set…

…and go? But wait, I’m not ready! I didn’t get even a little bit of what I wanted to get done over the summer, and I’m supposed to be getting reading for fall classes? What!!??!!

Is this where you are right now? YOU ARE NOT ALONE. Teaching is very, very difficult, and the upcoming month (the month that shall not be named) always feels like one long Sunday night to me. I start my book with August because how you start this month is going to determine a lot of how you will be able to sustain yourself through the marathon ahead. This is the month where the spiritual work of preparing to teach is best done.

This is why I’m delighted to tell you that my FALL FACULTY RETREAT AND MASTERCLASS will be ready to launch on Friday, August 6th. This is my best advice, all rolled into easy video format. If you have enrolled before, you will still be able to enroll without additional cost. Just send me an email if your code doesn’t work. If you haven’t enrolled before, you are in luck. Because I didn’t get the chance this summer to significantly update the content, I’m going to be offering the whole shebang at a lower rate than usual. Stay tuned!! Email coming soon with details.

If you are a male teacher and you have gotten any help from me, would you be willing to write a testimonial? I’ll grant you free access to the retreat and masterclass in exchange for a testimonial for me to put on my page. I have only women at the moment (but more testimonials by women are always welcome, too)!

I’m happy to report I’m speaking live and in person at a number of campuses this fall. If this is something you’d like for your institution, I can be reached via email (christinabieberlake [at] or through my website You can also contact me there if your provost wants to purchase access to the fall retreat and masterclass for your entire faculty at a substantial discount.

What do I offer on the retreat and masterclass, you ask? I guide you through some exercises to prepare spiritually for the year ahead, and then I give my very best tips on everything from building a great class environment to managing email. So stay tuned!

Finally, if my book helped you at all, it really is huge plus if you give me a review over at Amazon.

And, as always, keep Calm and Teach On.

Soul Before Syllabi!

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Queen Anne's Lace

It’s back….the month that shall not be named!

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