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As the semester begins, most of us are doing the majority of our classes via Zoom. For some of us, it’s an old friend (I don’t have to get dressed and drive anywhere! Sweat pants!), for others, it’s drudgery and makes us long for an early retirement. But one thing I know for sure: it’s not easy. Because teaching is never easy. But here’s a tip for you today: what you do to connect with each and every one of your students REALLY MATTERS. If you encourage them to meet with you individually for ten minutes in your office hours, they will feel affirmed. They will feel that you see them. And this is truly what the students need from you. It’s exhausting to reach out to them like this, but it will pay huge dividends for the rest of the semester.

Another tip I learned recently: in Zoom you can have music playing from your laptop as the students come into your “classroom.” This is a great idea, especially as students start to figure out that coming to class on time often means awkward exchanges with the teacher while waiting for the other students to join in. Why not play some funky and unexpected music instead and keep them guessing?

As always, Keep Calm and Teach On!


Hello fellow educators! Sooooooo, I happen to know for a fact that some of you just turned in your fall semester grades. And that you feel guilty about it because you missed the deadline. And that you are exhausted to the core. And that you are already thinking about next semester. STOP. RIGHT. NOW. It

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Fall 2021 Retreat and MasterClass is up and ready to go!

Do you need a little extra encouragement to remember why you do this crazy job? Or just some tried and true methods for building classroom community or handling email? Then enroll today! Want a discount code? Please send me an email at christinabieberlake (at) gmail (dot) com and I’ll give you 50% off if you

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Educators take your mark…get set…

…and go? But wait, I’m not ready! I didn’t get even a little bit of what I wanted to get done over the summer, and I’m supposed to be getting reading for fall classes? What!!??!! Is this where you are right now? YOU ARE NOT ALONE. Teaching is very, very difficult, and the upcoming month

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