Flourishing Teacher Fall Retreat Now Available!

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I’ve been working all summer on this retreat, so I’m so excited to finally make it available. If you are anxious about the start of the school year and need a vocational renewal, this retreat is for you! I extended the work I did on my book to provide strategies for success with Zoom, as well as all my best secrets for a great first day of class, win-win strategies, and having your first stress-less semester ever. If you join my contact list through this website, I will email you a coupon for heavily discounted access, so fill out my contact form on this website today! There are three preview sections open to all faculty members, so you know exactly what you will be getting. PLUS, if you think the rest of your faculty would benefit, please contact your provost, dean, or faculty development committee. I’m open to negotiating rates with them to allow every member of your faculty to access the materials for free!! If your college purchases all-access after you’ve already enrolled, you will get a full refund. Please check it out today! The retreat will only be available until September 10th, so don’t delay!!

Spring Retreat and Master Class is Up and Ready!

It’s finally here! After spending most of the break updating and providing new content for you all, I’m happy to announce that the Spring Retreat and Master Class is ready for enrollment. There are a couple of completely new sections, including Getting Things Done for Academics and How to Re-think your assignments. Enroll for 25%

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The Importance of Real Rest

It’s December, so I know that we are all grading, grading, grading right now. Because I am. But while COVID presents challenges it also presents opportunities: at this moment I’m delivering my final exam to my students across the country, while I’m in the Northwoods of Wisconsin, where I’m on my annual writing group retreat.

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Are you living in an echo chamber?

Sometimes you just have to teach off script. Here’s why. I’ve been teaching American literature for over 25 years, and it enables me to raise all kinds of issue of central importance today, including our persistent failure to move beyond the racist attitudes present at the founding of the United States. But sometimes we need

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